About Dental Gold

Gold has been found through years of research to be the longest lasting, most biocompatible material available. Period.


Why Gold?

Posts in the Dental Gold blog will examine all aspects of gold dentistry and showcase the research behind this sustainable dental solution.


Patient Resources

Patients want their dentistry to look good, feel good and last a long time. Cast gold restorations and gold foil restorations fit those parameters.


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Do the Right Thing, Then Do the Thing Right

The best dentistry is no dentistry. Nothing lasts as long in the mouth as your own natural tooth structure. Sometimes though, things go wrong and teeth either decay or fracture from use or trauma. When teeth need to be fixed or restored, you want to be as conservative as possible and use the very best materials to […]

Welcome to the Dental Gold Blog!

Welcome to the Dental Gold Blog. This blog is intended to educate the public about the benefits of using gold dental alloy to restore damaged and decayed teeth. With modern times comes modern materials for restoring or fixing teeth. Simply because these materials are newer doesn’t necessarily make them better. Gold has always been and still is considered […]