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Gold has been found through years of research to be the longest lasting, most biocompatible material available. Period.


Why Gold?

Posts in the Dental Gold blog will examine all aspects of gold dentistry and showcase the research behind this sustainable dental solution.


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Patients want their dentistry to look good, feel good and last a long time. Cast gold restorations and gold foil restorations fit those parameters.


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Why Do Dental Golds Last So Long?

There are a few main reasons why dental gold lasts so long. First, golds are non-corrosive. They don’t rust. Remember, the mouth is a moist environment. Other materials either rust or wash out over time, but gold does not. Secondly, cast gold has a coefficient of expansion that is very similar to tooth enamel. So […]


Cast dental gold and gold foil have been proven to last longer than any other dental material if it is properly done. Restorations can last a lifetime if properly done and maintained. There is a higher level of skill required to perform gold restorations compared to other dental materials. However, there are study clubs and […]