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Gold has been found through years of research to be the longest lasting, most biocompatible material available. Period.


Why Gold?

Posts in the Dental Gold blog will examine all aspects of gold dentistry and showcase the research behind this sustainable dental solution.


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Patients want their dentistry to look good, feel good and last a long time. Cast gold restorations and gold foil restorations fit those parameters.


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A Golden Change in Opinion

I delivered this beautiful gold crown to a wonderful and bright 15-year-old patient.  She presented to Group 58 with her mother last year to seek dental treatment after an emergency root canal therapy on #19.  Initially, their goal was to have a tooth-colored restoration, i.e. porcelain, to satisfy their esthetic concerns.  Upon clinical examination of […]

gold: the restoration dentists want for themselves

Meet Dr. Joseph Newell. He is the editor behind this dentalgoldblog.com. Dr. Newell studied dentistry at Temple University and is currently the group leader for Group 58 at University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. I chatted with Dr. Newell in between patients to chat about how he became an advocate for gold in dentistry. […]