An Appointment With Gold

If you’ve wondered about gold work for your own mouth, here is a mini photo series to summarize what you might see at one of your appointments. The appointment documented is the seating of gold into the tooth. (Not photographed is the appointment with the preparation and impression.)

_DSC1929 (2)
The tooth is isolated and cleaned.

_DSC1931 (2)
The gold is set into the tooth to “try in.” Adjustments are made to the gold to conform to neighboring teeth.

_DSC1937          _DSC1939
Luting agent is mixed, placed in the tooth, placed in the gold, and seated into tooth.

_DSC1945 (2)         _DSC1941
A mallet system is used to ease the gold into its final position.

_DSC1950 (2)
A biting stick is used to keep continuous pressure on the gold work as the luting agent hardens.

_DSC1957 (2)         _DSC1970 (2)
Polishing with various discs and powders.

_DSC1982        _DSC1985
Your bite is checked and the gold is adjusted to fit harmoniously with your other teeth.

_DSC1987 (3)
The gold is polished to its final luster, and you’re ready to go home!

Jacqueline Ogi, contributing writer, Penn ’16 DMD
Matthew Cambria, pictured clinician, Penn ’16 DMD

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