A Golden Change in Opinion

I delivered this beautiful gold crown to a wonderful and bright 15-year-old patient.  She presented to Group 58 with her mother last year to seek dental treatment after an emergency root canal therapy on #19.  Initially, their goal was to have a tooth-colored restoration, i.e. porcelain, to satisfy their esthetic concerns.  Upon clinical examination of site and the periapical radiograph below, the restorative dimensions necessary for a porcelain restoration would violate the patient’s biological limits.  For the patient to have a porcelain restoration, she would need crown lengthening, which requires shaving of the bone to create adequate room for the porcelain crown.  They were happy and relieved to hear that a gold crown would not require this extra procedure.  A gold restoration is the most conservative of healthy tooth structure for this patient’s needs.  They were happy to learn that gold not only requires fewer appointments but also provides the best longevity in the oral cavity.  With these advantages in mind, they changed their opinion and opted for the gold crown.  My patient and her mother are very happy with the results.

Betty Yip, contributing writer, Penn ’15 DMD

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