gold: the restoration dentists want for themselves

Meet Dr. Joseph Newell. He is the editor behind this Dr. Newell studied dentistry at Temple University and is currently the group leader for Group 58 at University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. I chatted with Dr. Newell in between patients to chat about how he became an advocate for gold in dentistry.

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Dr. Newell (R), discussing a patient case with Anthony Bianchi (D’16)

Yesle: Dr. Newell, tell us how you learned about gold in dentistry.

Dr. Newell:  At Temple, we learned about gold as part of the regular curriculum. However, when I graduated and started practicing, I did a lot of cosmetic dentistry with composite and porcelains. But after a while, I realized gold was the best when I saw my patients come back to get their fillings re-done.

Y: You saw your own restorations failing?

N: Yes, after practicing for 5-10 years, I saw patients coming back with fillings I had done that needed to be redone.

Y: And how did you go back to learning about gold?

N: I joined RV Tucker Academy which focuses on cast gold restorations. I also attend annual meetings and attend clinical study clubs. RV Tucker study groups have open clinical sessions where we do restorations and invite people to criticize, maybe critique, your work. Often times the dentists are experts who recognize their own mistakes. During one open session, I even did a gold restoration on another faculty member.

Y: So this learning has been a lifetime of education for you.

N: Yes, every study club member gets a mentor. My mentor, Dr. Johnson, has mentored me to become a better operator. I know now that learning continues after dental school.

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Dr. Newell (L) and Anthony Bianchi (D’16)

There you have it. Dr. Newell not only benefited from the society of dentists who work with gold to elevate his entire career, but recognized that learning continues throughout an entire career, not just in dental school. It’s especially memorable that he changed his mind that gold is the best restorative material after seeing his own restorations fail in private practice.

Yesle Kim, Group 58, Penn ’16 DMD

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