About Dental Gold

Gold has been found through years of research to be the longest lasting, most biocompatible material available. Period.


Why Gold?

Posts in the Dental Gold blog will examine all aspects of gold dentistry and showcase the research behind this sustainable dental solution.


Patient Resources

Patients want their dentistry to look good, feel good and last a long time. Cast gold restorations and gold foil restorations fit those parameters.


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An Appointment With Gold

If you’ve wondered about gold work for your own mouth, here is a mini photo series to summarize what you might see at one of your appointments. The appointment documented is the seating of gold into the tooth. (Not photographed is the appointment with the preparation and impression.) The tooth is isolated and cleaned. The […]

Making aesthetic gold restorations

If gold is so great, why not restore every cavity with gold? A good clinician knows how to choose the right restorative material for each situation- and not every filling calls for gold. Let’s discuss some disadvantages to gold. This article is adapted from Dr. Tucker’s article in Operative Dentistry, March 2008. 1. Gold is […]